Sound issue now

Well, I write here with little hope, as this thing seems to be beyond any logic, but here we go: The sound library seems to skip my play() command at random.

I have this code when a missile hits something (the indentation got messed somehow, so don’t mind it)

print 'sound start'
         print 'sound stop'

it demonstrates that the program always executes this code. What is driving me crazy is that the sound effect doesn’t sound for real half of the times in always/never streaks, despite I mapped a key to produce the same sound effect and it never fails when I press the key.

Weird. I just hope it happened to somebody before me, and got solved.

Do you have many other sounds playing as well? Perhaps the system is having trouble with having too many sounds going at once…

There is a config variable for that limit :

Thanks for your replies but I don’t think it’s the limit of simultaneous sounds, to test the issue I let this sound as the only one running

Are you calling play on the same audiosound object ? You must want to create independent sound for each collision, otherwise you’re just telling that same sound to replay from beginning.