Sound crackle problem

I have a program that loads a 512x512 geomip terrain with water plane and if I play a .ogg music file I hear a crackling sound with the music. If I remove the water plane then it sounds okay. If I add in some particle effects it will do the crackle sounds again. Tried using AsyncTaskChain and it can help the sound if I set priority to high when updating AudioManager, but then any other rendering tasks like sky dome and water and particles will move for a second then pause half second then move for a second then …

And what’s weird is that sometimes I run and the sound will be okay but I notice my camera moves a little slower; on runs when sound is bad the keyboard and mouse tasks that control my camera move smoother.
Also there seems to be a relation to how I’m looking at the terrain, it sounds bad if I look along a diagonal of the terrain, and if I look just at one corner then the sound is better.

Setting sync_video 0 seems to make the problem worse.
I can have high frame rates and still get the crackle sound.

Has anyone experienced anything like this ?

I started playing with flatten_strong() on the node that holds my terrain, water plane and models, and that seems to help stop the crackle sound, then I remembered reading something about increasing the terrain block size and that also helped. I still hear a crackle when I do a mouse point and click collision test on the terrain though ( I recenter my view to the point clicked ), it crackles while the collision is doing its thing and then stops when collision test is done. Also if I add some particle effects and then get myself in the right position with the effects inside the view frustum then it will crackle. Well any way, flatten or block size increase has helped a lot, I’ll keep playing with it.

That’s strange. Are you using FMod or OpenAL? Try switching to the other one, if you don’t have a problem with FMod’s licensing restrictions.


My Config.prc was set to p3openal_audio
When I set it to fmodex_audio I get no sound.

I have an older system: (2005)
Dell Dimension 8400, Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz w/HT
1MB cache, 1GB DDR2 SDRAM at 400MHz
256MG Nvidia GeForce 6800
Sound Blaster Live 24-bit Advanced HD Audio,100dB/Dolby Digital/96KHz/7.1

Thanks for your help


Nobody panic !
I forgot to mention I was using v1.7.1
(I read somewhere you can pass matrix to shader…)
Maybe something there or maybe just a bad install because I didn’t uninstall v1.7.0
Anyway, I uninstalled v1.7.1 and reinstalled v1.7.0
and no more crackle problems.
Sorry about that, guess I’m too new with Panda, but I’m having fun :slight_smile:


I’m also using v1.7.1 and I get the cracking sound issue. I’m programming my game in python, windows 7 64bit, and p3openal_audio. Fmod not the best choice either atm. I’m also using .ogg files with some short and some long.

Usally from what I can tell are the long ones suffering from the issue.

The sound file I’m using is 2400 KB and I tried another
a little smaller but that made the noise too. Didn’t try any short sound effects though…

Did you uninstall any previous versions ?
I’m back to using v1.7.0 with no problems.
v1.7.1 is the one that is in development…