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i also have a question…
1 how to make the auto-shader output what it generates.

I don’t use Max.
@ TF :

ConfigVariable dump-generated-shaders:
  dump-generated-shaders 0  (default value)

Set this true to cause all generated shaders to be written to disk.  This is useful for debugging broken shader generators.

I always use this for searching :

From: … -1.5.0.txt

* Shader Generator means advanced rendering without
  having to manually write shaders.  Includes:
    - Per-Pixel Lighting
    - Normal Maps
    - Gloss Maps
    - Glow (Self-Illumination) Maps
    - HDR tone mapping
    - Cartoon shading
* Class 'CommonFilters' makes it easy to do image postprocessing:
    - Bloom Filter
    - Cartoon Inking
    - More coming soon.

From: … Studio_Max

Sadly, the Max exporter does not understand multitexturing, normal maps, gloss maps, glow maps. It only understands simple file textures. This is because the Max exporter was written a long time ago, before Panda3D could do any of that stuff. Unfortunately, there has not been a maintainer for the Max exporter, so it is falling behind the times. It is due for a rewrite. 

Looking at the CVS, max has been untouched for a long time.

The safest route would be first to convert to Maya, and from there to Panda3D.

yeah I’m FINALLY porting to Maya mostly because I didnt know maya runs on linux machhines…go figure I thought only winddows and mac which, correct me if I’m wrong, it did not when Alias owned maya instead of autodesk but I do see MANY MANY more reasons to switch mostly because you can flag models in the 3d program itself plus i didnt know autodesk redid or almost redid the entire editing of models to resemble the easyness of 3ds max. further more, I recently read/understood that the 3ds max exporter was “updated” meaning that it can finally export .egg files…i assumed (I am sorry) that it finally supported such listed texturings and I thought that the manual just hadnt been updated…sadly I was wrong. But, if modeling is too hard of a learning curve in maya (which I dont think it is, its basically learning the interface and applying the same general modeling technics) but thanks for the replies!

ps. please, if you know anything information in my post “If…Then question” let me know the answer to it :slight_smile:

Maya has been supported on Linux for a long, long time. I believe they ran on Linux from the very beginning.


oh and I have figured out the autoshader…but here is the thing see i generate my normal maps with photoshops nvidia plugin in which is great and all and then i apply the normal map and texture with maya but here is the real question…how can i make the normal map more…how should i say aggressive in the fact that it raises the normal map higher…my fault was that i thought that the normal map wasnt being applied until i took away the texture and saw that in fact it was being applied i just couldnt tell b/c of the texture. even when light was moving around the model one could not tell it was normal mapped. in short…how can i make the normal map more visible