some minor glitches

I noticed a couple of minor glitches in panda3d 1.3.1 on Windows One was the shortcut is missing from Greeting card and from Scene Editor. I am able to create .bat files but I have no idea on how to create those shortcuts that are already in the system. It would be usefull for the documentation to state that. It also seems to be set up so that when I run a program it flashes an error realy quickly without telling me what it is. It would be nice to know how to get all of those. (I would figure that can be done through idle but how??). The graphics look realy cool and I look foward to using it.

I’m looking at my own panda installation: the greeting card shortcut is still there.

The scene editor doesn’t have a short cut. That’s intentional, it’s not finished enough to deserve to have a shortcut. You have to run it from the command line.

I also noticed that you can use csound csd or orc files by creating .bat or shortcut files the same way. The .bat files may not be supported in the next version of windows. You would need different methods for linux, mac though. for the pc the .bat file looks like csound filename.csd please please tell us how you made the shortcuts.

I can do a simple code generater if you do.

mine didn’t have that shortcut for the latest download on the pc version I am not sure why but I would perfer to use shortcuts instead of .bat files for my programs.