[SOLVED] VFS: pnmimage error while loading model

I believe this has been discussed before, but I’m afraid I am not currently able to find the forum post regarding it.

In Panda 1.2.3, I have a .mf file containing a few .bams and several .rgb textures referenced by the bams. When I create the file using the defult -z compression and then attempt to load one of the bams from the file, my Panda session collapses (i.e. shell quits instead of entering interactive mode) on the following error:

:pnmimage(error): seek error for offset 49664

If I do not compress the .mf when I create it, the bams load fine.

Is there a solution to this problem known, or has it been resolved in a later version?


Since the RGB file format requires that the image reader be able to randomly seek within the file to decode the image, and since enabling z-compression in an mf file makes random seeks impossible, these two are incompatible.

Your two possible solutions are (a) use some different file format, such as png or jpg, which doesn’t require seeking within the file, or (b) do not z-compress your image files (you can still z-compress other file types).


Excellent; thank you!

We’ll move over to PNGs and see how that works for us.