[SOLVED] Textured Geom in animated model

I have a animated egg (with a DART tag) that consists of several different nodes with different materials. One of the nodes has a texture (in this case a normal map), and the rest don’t. When its read into pview, it shows up as all in a single geomNode with 5 geoms, one of which is textured. How is it that there is a render state transition (from no texture to texture) on a geom?

I’m trying to detect the texture, and reroute it to a shader input, but I find the texture on the GeomNode, not the Geom (there is nothing on the geom to ask about it’s textures), so I get the texture showing up on the entire GeomNode instead of just the geom it was on.

I’m confused by how its even possible to flatten such a model into a single node, as well as how I can access textures and set shader inputs on such a node. I’d greatly appreciate any explanation of whats going on here.

Edit: Solution, thanks to rdb:
I was looking at the Geom level for per geom properties, and thus missed the needed method at the GeomNode level!