(SOLVED) Steps for enabling transparency after loadTexture?

I am attempting to enable transparency for textures I am creating via self.loader.loadTexture(). They most definitely do have an alpha channel. However, I am at a loss as how to actually use it. The only thing I’ve come up with is calling .setTransparency(True) on the nodepath which ultimately connects the geometries the textures are applied to to the scene, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Any insight on to any other steps I might have to take? Possibly something to do with the texture object itself? I’ve tried exploring the API on this, but none of the objects I’ve thought to look up had anything related to alpha or transparencies.

EDIT: Some information that’s probably useful/necessary. I’m actually rendering the to-be transparent parts of the scene via procedurally generated geometries, which unlike models don’t seem to have a setTransparency property.

EDIT: Okay, the problem was that panda3d didn’t like the 8-bit format of the .png I was loading the texture image from, or something. I remade it with the default settings of my image editor, and transparencies were working just fine. I sure feel sheepish. For reference, it looks like you just need to make the setTransparency(True) call on the nodepath which connects your geometry to the scene.

Thank you. It helped me. Indeed “setTransparency(True)” was all I needed to make it work:

tex = loader.loadTexture('mytexture-color.jpg', 'mytexture-opacity.jpg')

Not sure, why it wasn’t exemplified in the manual.