[SOLVED]Slow build on Windows 7 x64

Just wondering if this is normal as it’s been a couple of hours since I started building from source and it’s only 20% up to now…

Options I used:

–everything --installer


The speed of the build can be vary depending of what speed your computer is. The slower the computer, the more slow the build processes.

Also, if you like, you can add the –threads number option to the mix to make building slightly faster. But be warned, putting in a high number may make your computer slow and unstable during the build. I suggest using a number 2 or 3

Thanks LittleCat. I have a Core i5 with 4GB Ram and got to built and test a lot of game clients/sdks before and usually it just takes a couple of minutes and max around 5min. Is Panda3D that big? :astonished:

My first time building with Windows SDK only, usually I’m using VStudio (VC2010 at least)

I have a similar setup and I get about the same compile times using 5 threads.

Thanks croxis for sharing your build experience. Ok so I put it up to 5 threads just like yours and I’m now getting compile messages like this…

[T1] Waiting for tasks…
[T4] Waiting for tasks…
[T3] Waiting for tasks…

It is really taking too long. :astonished:

I assume that I’m still in the process and also compiling Panda’s version of python?

Anymore suggestions how I can boost my compile time? It’s been 2-3 hours now… :blush:

Replying here,too :slight_smile: :

If you disable eigen, the compile time should increase by a lot, you can disable it by adding a --no-eigen flag to the command line. Currently building with eigen
is really slow, i waited about 5 hours for the build to finish and it still didn’t finish, while the build without eigen compiles in arround 45 mins.

Wow ok same results, around 5 hours!! :laughing: Finally, it’s done!! Thanks for the tip TobiasSpringer. BTW, eigen huh? what does it do?

Now I’m also curious when modifying some C++ source, I would assume it would just take a couple of mins now to see some results?


Yes, MSVC is notoriously slow. I recently found out that removing /DFORCE_INLINING seems to make it go faster as well, besides --no-eigen. I’ve also run some experiments with precompiled headers, without dramatic results.

Which parts of Panda need to be rebuilt depends on which part of the source code you change.

Thanks rdb will keep this in mind! :smiley:

Any advantages on 32 over 64build? I was thinking of using 32build and recompile again…

I don’t think so. My 32-bit builds actually seem slower, counter-intuitively.

Ok rdb thanks for the heads up :smiley: