[SOLVED] semitransparent parts rendered wrong

Here is an example of what I mean. My guess is it has something to do with semitransparent objects behind each other. Is there a way to fix this in Blender?

panda3d.org/manual/index.php/T … d_Blending

all in the manual, lower half of the page. although you propably need to manually edit the egg file. i dont think blender can export the corresponding settings

Complete your burning.egg with the following lines:

<Texture> Material_00_Tex {
  <Scalar> format { RGBA }
  <Scalar> alpha { DUAL }
  <Scalar> saved-result { 1 }
  <Scalar> envtype { MODULATE }
  <Scalar> minfilter { LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR }
  <Scalar> magfilter { LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR }
  <Scalar> wrap { REPEAT }

To get that from blender/chicken you need to assign your texture not only to ‘col’, but also to ‘alpha’. Also ‘ztransp’ needs to be enabled.

‘alpha’ adds the format-RGBA scalar and ‘ztransp’ adds the alpha-DUAL scalar. You can leave out the second to get a blend_no_occlude alpha mode. More about these modes can be found on the manual page pointed by ThomasEgi.

I’ve noticed you made your faces two-sided on a per-face basis. That’s okay. Another solution is doubling all mesh and reverting the normals. The effect depends on the target graphics card (there was a topic about that somewhere).

Have a nice day

Thanks, solved