[SOLVED]Scrolling UVs

I’m working on some (better?) water. I have two maps (well there’s more of them, but for simplicity let’s say there are 2) and I’d like the to scroll - one of them left and down and the other up and right:

I used this before, but doing the mixing in a offscreen buffer, now I want to put it all into one shader.
Before I just used a LerpTexOffsetInterval, but either I broke something on the way or this just doesn’t work if I also project a texture onto it. Anyway … I want to do the scrolling on the GPU - I’ve setup a task to feed some time and on the vertex program I multiply the vtx_texcoord1 with my time - that works for scrolling it one way… How do I do the scrolling in the opposite direction? I was thinking I only need to multiply it by -1 but that doesn’t work.
Any help?

Well I need to start thinking more… multiplying by time is a bad idea, add or subtract the k_time and it worked. Nothing to see her, move along, thank you for your attention.