[solved] Programmically created square seeable only fr front

Hi folks,

what I did:

I used the vertexdata & primitives interfaces from Panda 3d. Icreated a square built out of 2 triangles - I used either GeomTriangles as well as GeomTristrips primitives. The vectors and primitives are fine.

The square (or also just one triangle) can been seen from the front. If I turn the square around the square disappears - as if the back from the geom object(s) are not rendered.

Do geom objects have no “back”? - wondering… :wink: -

By the way - the object which is built by the CardMaker() functionality is behaving the same if it is attached to the render object. If attached to the render2d object then the back is showing… wondering…

Any input? Did search forum & tutorials…

Kind regards,

By default, Panda turns on backface culling on objects in the 3-d scene graph (under render), but turns it off for objects in the 2-d scene graph (under render2d). This is because backface culling, which avoids drawing the back side of polygons, is usually a helpful performance optimization for drawing 3-d geometry, which usually is constructed of closed polyhedrons so that the back sides of polygons would never be visible anyway.

If you want to see the back sides of your polygons, you simply turn off backface calling for them, with a call like this:




This info has not been in the docu - thanks for the pointer.