[Solved] Pdeploy - Standalone exe without installer?


I’m attempting to make a COMPLETLY standalone exe file. I don’t want end users to have to download the Panda3d libraries when running my exe.

I’ve just tried “pdeploy test.p3d standalone” and it gives me a file that isn’t really standalone. (Tested it by throwing it at a laptop without Panda3d or an internet connection)

I’ve read this here:
panda3d.org/manual/index.php … _installer

And it appears a completely standalone exe without installer won’t work? Is that correct? If so, is there anyway I can get around this?

Hmm, I’m thinking this is the rather crazy workaround? pack-panda Installer SIZE

[edit #2]
Would generating an installer, doing an install and then distributing THAT be another alternative? (Well, that seemed to work when tested on my laptop. So maybe thats a better way to do it)

You would need to generate an installer, install it, and then distribute the files that it installs. (Also use the “-s” flag, which makes sure that all the packages it depends on (including panda3d) are distributed along).

Cool - that works fairly well and is pretty straight forward. Thanks :slight_smile: