[SOLVED] Panda3d fps on windows

I developed a project with panda3d 1.8.1 that runs on linux and it works very well.
Now i’m trying to run the same project on windows but i have a problem with fps.
The problem is that panda run with different fps than windows.
I tried with winows 7 32 bit and windows 8.1 64 bit, both with the same problem.
I tried to change video cards and drivers without results, and i tried to disable vsyinc too.
Anyone can help me?

It would be great if you could clarify a bit more. There are many reasons why the frame rate would be different on Windows. What is the exact difference in framerate you are observing?

Also, have you attempted to use PStats to try and track down performance bottlenecks in your application?

If you want information, you have to give us the moest information you have.

The more you tell us about your problem, the more we can help you.

Tell us, show us. :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for replies!
The exact difference depends on which monitor and graphics card i use.
For example with a nec tv connected by hdmi and AMD raedon r7 graphics, windows works on 50 Hz, panda3d on 60 Hz; the same pc connected to an AOC monitor, windows works to 50Hz, panda3d on 25Hz.
The strangest thing is that if I disconnect and reconnect HDMI cable while panda3d is running, fps will syncronize with windows’s fps.

No, i haven’t attempted to use PStats, but i will try to use it on the next few days!

Thank you!

That does sound like vsync to me. Note that on Linux with an AMD card, the only way you can enable or disable vsync is in the Catalyst control centre.

I solved my problem using microsoft base driver instead video card driver found on original cd driver.
Thanks everybody!