[SOLVED]p3dcert.exe build error

On the advanture of compiling Panda3d on windows, i’ve noticed that there is no p3dcert.exe in my build:

:Packager(warning): Cannot build package p3dcert, missing required files: ['p3dcert.exe']

So i figured it out that i need fltk or wx libs in thirdparty directory. so i download and compile FLTK and put lib and include directory in /thirdparty/fltk. you can download my build from here: d-h.st/Xoik
Now when i continued building i’ve got bunch of this error:

error C2065: 'xname' : undeclared identifier

in p3dCert.cxx file started in line 360:

X509_NAME *xname = X509_get_subject_name(_cert);

I googled it but i only found that this error could related to openssl.
So what’s the next step? a newer version of openssl?

There is also another warning that bothers me:

Generating bullet/seifi_1.9/win_i386/bullet.seifi_1.9.win_i386.mf
:Packager(warning): No such file: libpandaphysx.dll
:Packager(warning): No such file: physxcudart_20.dll
:Packager(warning): No such file: PhysXDevice.dll
:Packager(warning): Cannot build package physx, missing required files: ['libpandaphysx.dll']

Is the name of libpandaphysx.dll true or it should be libpandaphysics.dll ?
In panda3d.pdef: file(‘libpandaphysx.dll’, required = True).

Thanks in advance.

You know, there’s an archive of thirdparty packages that can be downloaded on the 1.9.0 download page, and it contains a copy of FLTK that should work just fine.

There’s a difference between libpandaphysx.dll and libpandaphysics.dll. The former implements support for the NVIDIA PhysX library, the latter is Panda’s built-in physics and particle library. You need a copy of the PhysX 2.8 SDK, which you need a developer registration for. I wouldn’t worry about it - it is simply telling you that it won’t build the “physx” package because you don’t have a copy of the PhysX SDK.

Finally it’s done!
But it seems not having numpy in thirdparty/win-python/site-packages would breaks the building process:

Generating tk/seifi_1.9/win_i386/tk.seifi_1.9.win_i386.mf
Unknown module: sqlite
Generating sqlite/seifi_1.9/win_i386/sqlite.seifi_1.9.win_i386.mf
Unknown module: numpy
:Packager(warning): Cannot build package numpy, missing required modules: ['numpy']
Unknown package numpy, version "None" on line 80 of direct/src/p3d/thirdparty.pdef
Storing dependency cache.
Elapsed Time: 3 hours 0 min
The following command returned a non-zero value: thirdparty\win-python\python.exe -B direct/src/p3d/ppackage
.py -i "built_seifi/stage" -a "1.9" direct/src/p3d/thirdparty.pdef
Build terminated.

Thanks for support.

Hmm, yes, that’s annoying. You can edit direct/src/p3d/thirdparty.pdef and comment out the packages that depend on numpy, namely pygame and pyopengl.