[SOLVED] Newbie setup (Linux)

Hello everyone. As most/all of you will know quickly, I’m a complete newcomer to Panda3D and game developing in general. So let me start off by saying that a few friends and I have decided to make a basic first person shooter for fun. Now, this may go further if the results are really exciting, but for now it is a (great) learning experience. One of my friends is working on the graphics, another on the Artificial Intelligence, and I’m working on the game programming/coding. I am quite fluent in C++, and already know a little Python, but picking more up would be a breeze. I have looked at quite a few game engines, and seeming that Panda3D seemed easy and supported, I chose it. But I’m experiencing one problem. setting the whole thing up. I have already gotten a “hello world” program into a .cpp file, and saved it into a folder in my home directory. I have tried multiple IDE’s, with no success. Code::Blocks gives me a permission denied error, which I have yet to fix, and upon finding no solution, tried other IDE’s. I am unable to compile any program in KDevelop, Anjuta, or Eclipse. So I looked at the command in the manual, but I’m lost. Does anyone know of a easy and good way to compile my “hello world” file, thus allowing me to learn how to get my game going, and hopefully one day published?

hi, welcome to panda.

using python in combination with panda is highly recommended (after all panda was made to be used with python). using c++ is possible but you sacrifice a lot of advantages like easy ways to distribute your final application, the ability to run your games in a browser,no compiling issues ,dynamic coding and python’s exccelent debugging output. so unless you really have to (due to someone or something is forcing you) usign python usualy spares a lot of headaces. if still insist on c++ coding feel free to ask for help in the c++ coding section.

in case you think about using python, the manual and the sample applications which come with your panda installation should provide you with plenty of information.

Okay, after some looking around on the forums, I’ve decided that python will be easier. Thanks for the input! (^_^)