[SOLVED] Multiple animation question

Im using Blender.
My model has 8 animations, each with its own name.
I cant get them all exported with Chicken.
Theres an “Add animation” option but I dont understand it…


hope it helps

Maybe I have done something wrong,
How do you make all the actions appear on NLA Window at the same time?
For me only the currently selected action (animation) appears.

If i change animation, that one appears on NLA and the previous one disappears.

I’m not sure if you asking how to use NLA, in which case go read the blender manual/a good tutorial, or how to use Chicken. If it is the later then Chicken doesn’t use NLA directly - it just uses whatever the current animation playback is, so if you want to use NLA you typically order your actions so the character does them one after the other in the combined rather then action mode. You then tell Chicken the time ranges of each action and let it do the export. Its not ideal if you do use NLA, but its not much hardship to work out the numbers and it is very flexible and supports many different ways of doing things.