[SOLVED] license question

I have decided that after I finish the game I’m gonna release a sort of “SDK”, which will contain the code under a liber license( probably zlib) and models under creative commons.

But can I do that with panda? I mean release a zip file that contains the dlls and code of Panda3d with my models and code? I’ll need to remove some files and the “samples” folder completely.
Can I do that? A readme.txt file will contain info about Panda and a link…

Yes, you can do that as long as you don’t misrepresent the origin on the panda source code. For example, for your source code zip create a COPYRIGHT.TXT file, drop it in the root of your file and put in there this:

Copyright (c) 2008, Carnegie Mellon University.
All rights reserved. 

For a binary distribution of your SDK, do the same, or you can configure your installer to show the copyright. If you ever distribute a printed manual for your SDK, put this somewhere in an annex. If you have a graphical GUI with a Help menu, you could put this somewhere in a “About…” dialog, also, next to your copyright. For example I would do:

This framework is Copyright (c) 2010, Anon.
Based on Panda3D, Copyright (c) 2008, Carnegie Mellon University.
All rights reserved. 

Don’t worry much about this if it sounds complicated, just read the license and understand it.

About the idea of doing a SDK itself, I would recommend that you do not redistribute panda if you just intend to add functionality. Try to redistribute just a framework that runs on top of panda and get your users to download panda separately. Otherwise you’ll have to repackage your stuff every time there’s a new version. Consider that Panda3D is very good at keeping backwards compatibility, so you should take advantage of this.

EDIT: Edited to clarify some things.

I see your point