[Solved] Directory structure and particles...

Sorry for taking up forum space… :cry:


I have just about finished my program leaving me in the cleanup stage where I am making everything look nice etc.

I have just finalized my program’s directory structure which is as follows:


and I have reached the point where executing python in /bin with the command

python ../src/main.py 

can find and load just about everything (models, textures etc.) from their respective paths. Everything works except for particles… I load particles like this (i have included the print statements to show how I am handling the directories)

self.effect = ParticleEffect()
print Filename.fromOsSpecific(globalstate.REACTION_PATH+filename).toOsSpecific()
 print repr(Filename.fromOsSpecific(globalstate.REACTION_PATH+filename).toOsSpecific())

everything works if my source is in the trunk directory and i execute python in there, but if i try it the way I want it to work (execute from bin) then the particle sprites dont load… because it cant find them…

How, if possible, can I fix this?


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