[SOLVED] compile and install runtime on saucy

Hi, i’ve try to get the runtime running on my ubuntu 13.10, but get some errors while compiling :

-> direct/src/plugin/p3dAuthSession.cxx:445:22: error: ‘fork’ was not declared in this scope .
Error was on fork, also chdir, unlink etc , so i add

#include <unistd.h>

to direct/src/plugin/p3d_plugin_composite1.cxx, direct/src/plugin/mkdir_complete.cxx and direct/src/plugin/handleStreamBuf.cxx

-> direct/src/plugin_npapi/startup.h:32:35: error: declaration of C function ‘char* NP_GetMIMEDescription()’ conflicts with char* NP_GetMIMEDescription(void);.
For this i have comment all concerning NP_GetMIMEDescription in direct/src/plugin_npapi/startup.h and direct/src/plugin_npapi/startup.cxx ( found in /usr/include/firefox )

-> /usr/include/firefox/npruntime.h:140:30: error: ‘nullptr’ was not declared in this scope.
i replace nullptr by NULL in /usr/include/firefox/npruntime.h ( also i unfortunally tried to use g++4.7 instead of 4.8 and to add CFLAGS="-std=c++11" in makepanda.py )

After that i was able to compile runtime, the command panda3d is working well.
Then i linked (ln -s) built/bin/panda3d to /usr/bin/panda3d, and built/plugins/nppanda3d.so to /usr/lib/nppanda3d.so, /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/nppanda3d.so and /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins/nppanda3d.so , but firefox can not find the plugin .

First i apologise as i know it’s not a good idea to edit sources, but don’t know what to do …
And the question is “Was it a bad idea to modifie sources, and is that why it’s not working with FF ?”

Thanks for your attention

Most of those changes look fine, but you should not have commented out NP_GetMIMEDescription. Instead, you should have changed the definition to match what it complained with. I think there may be a “const” missing in the definition.

Lot of thanks, i’ve just replace char* NP_GetMIMEDescription by const char* NP_GetMIMEDescription in startup.h and startup.cxx , and now everything works perfectly fine.

Thanks again