[SOLVED]Cannot load ogg file from multifile.

Hi all, I’ve been getting a problem when I try to load some ogg audio files from within a Multifile. Some play with no problem, others return an error like this:

:audio(error): createSound(/c/ToontownRebuilt/files/phase_3/audio/bgm/create_a_toon.ogg): Error loading file.

I’ve tried adding

-z ogg

into the multify command before

-f name

, but it didn’t work. All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! :smiley:
SOLVED: rdb was right! I’m shifting to Nirai instead of pfreeze, and Nirai uses OpenAL, and this fixed my issue.

Try using OpenAL instead of FMOD - does it work then?

Also, the option you should specify to multify is -Z, not -z.

In etc/Config.prc, the audio library is OpenAL.

audio-library-name p3openal_audio

So, I guess the answer is no

I changed -z to -Z and now, it crashes the game.

:pnmimage(error): seek error for offset 1024