[SOLVED] Bullet Physics constraint glitching?

I tried to make this as simple of a demonstration as I could:

The second axis of a generic constraint feels like that it glitches out when it goes near -90 degrees. I’ve added a motor that just pushes it toward that direction, and the result is that it goes clockwise for a little bit and then is yanked back to 0 degrees very quickly. I’d expect it to just go to the limit and stay there. Am I missing something or is this a bug?

Yeah, it appears I was indeed missing something. I looked at Pybullet’s forums and there’s a mention that the limits of Y axis are from -PI/2 to PI/2:

I at least managed to stop the “glitchiness” by having the constraint in a different orientation to be able to have the angular limits of Y axis reasonably between -90 and 90.