softimage mod tool 7.5 collada export...

If someone could check this out I would appreciate it. Does anyone else have issues with using crosswalk to export a model. For example if I create the standard dog model with softimage and I use crosswalk to export it to a collada file it will not load with pview. Simple models will like a cube for example. I have a minimal number of the export options selected.

The mod tool is free so if someone has a moment could you please download it and create a primitive -> character -> Dog

After that choose file -> crosswalk -> export

Collada 1.4.1
polygon meshes

When I load the resulting model with pview I get

Known pipe types:
(all display modules loaded.)
Loading dog.dae
:daeegg(warning): Unsupported entity type found
:daeegg(warning): Unsupported entity type found

Then Pview crashes

Pview has stopped working.

Any ideas?

Please e-mail me the .dae file.

Thanks again for having a look.

Ahgr, it appears to be a bug in FCollada. It goes away if I remove the material binding and the controller.

Sorry, I can’t help you much here.