smash ball

hi, i started few days ago with a new game. its called ULTIMATE smash ball. here the first impression of the game. its quite simple to play: you only need to punch the play into the opposite goal. if you smash your ball very quickly onto to opponent, the opponent is going to freeze for a couple of seconds. on that way you have a chance to make a goal.

you need a D: drive and create a folder called panda3d. extract the files there. i know what you are going to ask. i will change this soon… :wink:

as next im going to work a bit more on the grafics and the handling.

here the download to version .1

so you knew this: please make it so it works from any folder, not a certain folder in d:

yes, i will. but i will put in a other D check. its my right! :smiley: i know lot of applications, which are showing this stubborn behavior.

if you dont have a D: hd drive you wont be able to run this game. :laughing:

it would be cool to know, if just im having a sound bug.
my problem, im using fmod for the playback. and i wanna generate for each particle a unique sound, which gets played at every collision. but at my computer the sound is messing up, also if im triing different sound libaries, i test with irrklang too, but i got the same effect. so maybe i can find anyone, who would spend a bit of time to test this game and letting me know if the sound works fine. (do hear background music while playing, do you have distortions while the sound is playing and so on…)

btw. now im using relative paths :wink: oh and i copied all needed libaries into rar, i hope that all which are needed, i havnt test it. so its should not be needed to have panda installed.

sorry that im still using rar instead of zip7 and im still using wav instead of ogg. im just to lazy to convert it. but i will anytime.


sorry i know, the prevous version wasnt working. im new to c++ and i havnt test it :frowning:

so here a new version, this one should work. please read the readME instruction. i had some trouble with compiling my button for the menu. if im using the MDd codegenerator they works, but they crashs when im swichting to MT code generator. i will fix this soon. so im sorry to say, at this beta demo, you wont have the possibility to configure the game. and if you have a slow computer means < 1.5 ghz it wouldnt work that well.

D: again? Because as it is your right to keep it like that, it’s kind of the same for me as well: my right to ignore it :wink:

where is anything assigned to D? i think you dream! sorry to say that! but please stay out with your none productive behavior! thanks alot. and get adult! thats nonsense what you say, im tested it on my other computer on C: :wink:

maybe you downloaded the wrong version not the latest? thats the only possibility. :unamused:

please just say me where? i mean it could be possible that my other computer is mixing C: up with D: in the same way like you said there is something linked to D:. :unamused: