Small Panda3D paid development


We have sold a project with two lines of development: Opensim and Panda3D.

We are looking for hiring Panda3D python developers and designers (Blender preferred).

For designers: human character modelling and small animations.

The game is composed of two or three scenes. With DirectGui Billboards.

The scope of the project is second language teaching.
The first milestone must be in two months, for a prototype, not final game.

Anyone interested mail me at and I’ll send you further details.

(I hope this is the adecuate forum to post this)

This a very vague description of a job.

How about giving details on your expectations, the project and the payment?

I agree with you and that’s what a feared about public posting, but it is what I have. During project investigations more information will be documented and available.

About payment, as everything looks fuzzy now, we will agree an amount for two months.

Next two months sprint must be more clear, so we may agree a different amount of money. And if the first two months sprint was underpaid, this will be compesated in the second payment.

Sorry for being so obscure, :confused:

Call me rude, but I suppose you come back and ask again when you can tell us more about the job.

Especially the following questions are important if not the minimum requirement of info (at least for me):

  • Who’s the employer or client?
  • What expererience and skills are expected in detail and what proofs for those?
  • Is the job strictly task oriented as in freelance job (As in “You get $300 for implementing a chat system”) or more of an official employment where you rather get a topic and work on that as much as you can (As in “Please work on the communication oriented code”)?
    The question is also related to the payment type: monthly salary vs rewards for specific tasks.
  • How many hours a day/week/month would you like an employee to work? (Fulltime vs. few hours a week).
  • What is the whole project about and what’s your vision; what do you expect from it once it’s finished?

Have a nice day

really sorry.

You have very good points about what I could have explained even without knowing the project about.

Thanks (late though)

the project is going on and we hope it can be opensourced during next year.