Small code change suggestion to TaskManager class

I have a small suggestion that would clean up the sensefulness of debugging TaskManager tasks: change line 888 (replicated below) of … iew=markup

888 |    def __repr__(self):


888 |    def __call__(self):

So you don’t get weird things like:

Just my two cents.


That is kind of weird. But the reason we have that is so you can just type:

>> taskMgr

at the prompt, and it tells you the list of tasks, etc. This is more-or-less consistent with the rest of the Panda interfaces, whose C++ classes generally have some sensible output defined for repr().

But, usually the repr() is defined to be a one-line brief description of the object, while str() is defined to a multi-line detailed output. So in keeping with this convention, this multi-line detail output should probably be changed to str() instead. That would mean that you would have to type:

>> print taskMgr

to get this output in the future. That seems OK to me.