Small Animation Issue

For some reason, when looping an animation, there’s a split second pause before the animation begins again. I have the animation smoothing effect turned on as well.

Is there a way to get an animation to loop without the pause?

Perhaps you have an extra frame in your animation range that shows your model in the neutral pose, making it appear as though it is not animating?


That’s what I thought, because I experienced that before. That’s why I’ve set the start and end frames for all my animations, but this time…no avail.

That little hick-up is killing me.

I’ll play around with start and end frames somemore.

I have to redo all my main character animations and I’m doing them with very similar framing, so I don’t have to modify a lot of code.

My new Idle animation is the only one pissing me off so far.

PS, getting good at key framing now. I was able to add that realistic shake/twist into my character’s run. The character is female of course. I’m using 60 frame animation files…is that enough frames?


Fixed the issue. My Idle animation frame rate became tiny at the end of the animation, so removing about four frames from the end smoothed things out.