Size problem with Ubuntu trusty packages


Since some time the size of the Ubuntu Trusty .deb packages has jumped from around 40 MB to 335 Mb. Packages for other variants of Ubuntu are still around 40MB.
I can’t tell exactly since when as I’m building panda myself lately.


Are you referring to the ones we put on the website or ones you build yourself?

It sounds like the packages may be including debugging symbols. Could you check whether -g is in your CXXFLAGS environment variable?


The official packages on the Panda website, for example : is 335 MB or are 41MB

I know that when I’m building a debug version of the SDK it will be slightly bigger :slight_smile:


Ah, I see. Thanks for reporting this!

The problem is that the buildbot is using a test script to test deploy-ng, and then accidentally including the resulted build inside the .deb. I’ll look into fixing this.


I made sure that the 1.10 release has normal-sized debs without these erroneous files included; future buildbot builds won’t suffer from this issue.