is weird, in some others computers (others internet providers) i cant access to the site, but in my home yes (very good for me). someone has the same problem?.. dns errors.

no, I dont.

well, i guess isp…

Actually I’m also having some problems with the site. A few weeks ago the Panda site worked perfectly, but now some days the site is very slow for me. For example when I click on “Forums” or in any topic, the browser stays loading the page for a while.

The other day a friend of mine (that lives in the same country where I currently live in) wanted to download Panda for windows, but his browser’s download manager told him that the download would be completed in a day! I tried to download Panda and I had the same problem.

I guess it has to do with our internet provider or with the region we live in…

noticed a very low download speed as well few days ago: ~6-20KiB/s
though for me it was the first time ever it was so slow

Yes. The site slow for me too, especially the “Forums”.

Weird, it’s fast for me.

I just reverted a minor change I made a few days ago. Is it fixed now?

Also, is loading this page slow, as well? Just to check if it’s something in the php or the layout that might be causing the problem.

You mean the .txt file? No, it’s fast. And I feel that the forums loads faster than yesterday. Is it my imagination?

The site is definitely faster! (at least for me)…

The .txt also loads fast.

Just for you to know, it is possible that conficker is blocking
Conficker blocks most of security releated sites, and i think that there is program called panda antivirus.

Conficker is virus, you can google for more info about it.

(i came to this accidentaly, i was using comp which is generally used by wife and her sister)