Simplepbr affect the whole scene

I have designed a large scenario using the showbase default renderer.
Things went wrong when I decided to add a glTF model by simplepbr in my scene.
Although I use

simplepbr.init(render_node = self.bt_vehicle.ego_vehicle)

to directly constrain the simplepbr renderer to the loaded model, the whole scene is affected by it.
All the color in the world gets pale… I know that I could adjust all the color to fix it, but that would be a exhausting work… How should I use the simplepbr if I just want it to work on fixed node ?

That would be the tonemapping done in a post-processing shader. I am not sure if there is a good way to only apply simplepbr to a single model. Why do you only want to use simplepbr for a single model? Are you having trouble with the auto-shader on that single model? If so, are you using panda3d-gltf v0.10?

It sounds like the problem is that you don’t have sRGB format enabled on your textures.