Simple Wrapper for direct gui??

Hi I am new to directgui and Panda3d and python - I am working on wrapping some of the directgui components to take out the third axis. So to create a button a user wouldnt have to worry about the third axis but just x,y coordinates.

I am having trouble with understanding the directgui setup. For instance:

scale = 0.07,fg=(1,0.5,0.5,1),align=TextNode.ACenter,mayChange=1)

I don’t understand what fg is and the items that fg is set to don’t change the way the object looks or acts (when you change the numbers) - I know I am confused about it - I know any help would be nice.

Thank you.

all those are keywords for certain properties. depending on the type of your DirectGUI element some may be available,others might not be.
the basic ones are described here.(also see the following pages)

fg usualy stands for foreground (often related to colors)