simple, rigid, OBJ model to EGG converter?

Hi All,

New to Panda3D, old-skool graphics & game developer. (I worked with the original PSX OS team in Japan.)

I’m investigating Panda3D for use as a general 3D visualization solution for some US government agency sub-contracting as well as for use with a virtual goods web platform.

I have a system that generates .OBJ files programmatically. These are rigid meshes, meaning no animation data - just grouped polygons, normals, and UVs.

(When we animate, we export OBJ streams for use in vertex animation; morph targets in Maya terminology. But I’ll worry about that later, right now I just need to get the OBJs into Panda3D.)

Is there any software that simply converts such file-data into the egg format? Do I need to roll my own simple converter?

As incentive for any kind souls help with a stand-alone OBJ to EGG converter, I’ll be able to offer to the community a system that automatically generates realistic 3D head models from photographs: is my company, and I am very interested in using Panda3D to provide pre-visualization of our auto-generated models.

-thanks for any interest or help,
-Blake Senftner
CEO, Flixor Inc.

Treeform wrote such a program: [url]treeform's obj2egg <bug hunt>]


I just located his program not 1 minute before your message. thanks!