Simple question about animation


Here is code of my water animation created by 3D Studio MAX 9 and plugin DREAMSCAPE 2.5:
(In export options, Both - and model and animation)

Here is file link (in txt format):

But I have problem how can I play animation in panda3d and how can I set the animation name?
I’m beginner with egg files and panda3d.I just want to make simple water animation.

Sorry for my bad english.

whatever exporter options you set… the animation was not exported into the egg file. either the exporter created a second egg with animation only. or the kind of animation you used is not supported by your exporter.

In my experience with the max exporter it does not export any type of basic keyframed object animation, the exporter only keeps animation on bones and objects that have been linked to, or skinned to, those bones.

Basically to see a static part such as a door closing, you would need to create a bone object and link your door to that object, then animate the bone transforms. If you just animate the door itself the animation keys will be ignored.

(I realize it is relatively easy to animate this example of a door via python code inside Panda but it can quickly become a pain for more complex animations. Would be nice if these could make it across into Panda at some point.)

There are a few earlier threads about this subject that you can locate using the forum Search feature.


Hello again,
Probably this is not good topic for asking that, but does anybody know how can I make some real water surface with panda (or with EarthSculptor)? Look at my future “game” water,it looks really bad. Here is my game screenshot:

Sorry for my bad english!

Take a look at the water shader from this roaming ralph example. It might not be exactly what you’re looking for but it could be a good starting point. Please remember to ask the original author for permission first.

If you want real EarthSculptor water, the author of EarthSculptor published his water shader online. Also, somewhere in the EarthSculptor directories the water normal map is included. You can look at the Nature Demo (or at ZeroByte’s link, but I think that uses the same technique) to see how you can setup reflections. That way, you can have your water look identical to how it does in ES.

Thanks again, both posts are helpful!

pro-rsoft , I saw your game project (“Vikings”) screenshots your water also
look great!

Sorry for my bad english!