Simple FPS game example?

Is there any tutorial or sample code with the basics for an FPS game? Things like capsule colliders, culling masks ( … ra/30804/3), raycasts, etc.

There are no complete tutorials/sample code for a fps game that I know of. However I searched the manual and it looks like it has everything you need. It will just be up to you to pull it together into a complete program.

No problems, but i wasn’t able to find content regarding culling masks (to avoid drawing the weapon inside walls) and collision. Is bullet integrated by default?

I used this as a starting point … Controller . It shows Collision masks with bullet character controller.


There’s a simple one in the bullet samples.

Which one? 17_Character? It gives me a fatal error when running.

I think this is a great example of a simple FPS game: … ries/naith
Not mine :slight_smile:

We definitely need more examples. :laughing: