simple fishing rod

Hi all,

I Am trying to create a simple 3D fishing rod, but do not really know how to go about using Panda3D to help me with it. Are there any people who can help?


You can’t create a fishing rod with Panda3D alone. Well, you can, but its not very recommended.
Recommended is to use a 3D editor program and create your fishing rod in there, then converting it to a panda3d format (.egg, .bam) and then loading it into your scene using loader.loadModel().

I’m assuming here, that what you want to do is make one of those fishing mini-games where you cast the fishing pole, then use the gamepad to move the pole right and left, reel in string and let out string, and so forth, in reaction to the random motion of the fish.

If that’s what you’re trying to do, it’s not going to be simple. To do it involves writing a physics simulation. You need to model the forces on the string using a simplified version of a cloth simulation, and the rod is also probably going to be a spring system simulation. Panda’s built-in physics engine is not going to be any use, since panda’s physics engine is designed for objects bumping into each other, not pulling on each other.

If you understand what I’m talking about and want to proceed, I can help.

I am trying to learn how to create programs with Panda3D and would like to know more about the 3D editor and how to load it into Panda3d. Will the blender program work for the 3D editing and creating the files for Panda3D? Or are there any other free 3D programs that I could use?

Blender3d will be fine, yes. Use the Chicken exporter to export it to panda3d.
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