Signing a Multifile

Hello, I am a bit confused on how to use the proper arguments on mulitfy.exe. I was reading panda3d/multify.1 and at the bottom I saw ".BI “-S " file.crt[,chain.crt[,file.key[,“password”]]]”. I was trying multify -S however that didn’t match any arguments. Any thoughts on how to properly use this? Thank you :smiley:

Exactly as it says; you add -S file.crt,chain.crt,file.key where file.crt contains your certificate, chain.crt contains the certificate authority chain, and file.key contains the private key. If they are encrypted with a password, you need to add that as well.

Example for signing an already created multifile:

multify -S mycert.pem,mychain.pem,myprivate.pem -uvf

If you don’t have a certificate chain file, you can omit it:

multify -S mycert.pem,,myprivate.pem -uvf

For creating a certificate, you can use OpenSSL—this could be an e-mail certificate or an SSL certificate you would use for a web site, but you can also create a self-signed certificate, using commands like:

openssl genrsa 1024 > myprivate.pem
openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -sha1 -days 365 -key myprivate.pem > mycert.pem

Thank you. I’m not sure what caused me not to get it the first time. I’ll try it when I get home this evening.

Hello, I have done the following and have availed in the following error. I am using the Panda3D I built back a month or two ago. Is this only for older or was it just added in?

multify -S cert.pem,chain.pem,privkey.pem -uvf 
multify: invalid option -- S