Should we make a repository for GUI elements and graphics?

Should we add a gui element/graphics repository to the Panda3d web site?

  • Yes.
  • No.

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I have a really cool button that I made. It took a lot of work to make it with Blender3d and get all four states looking good. I would love to have 100s of button to brows through and pick from. Should we add this to the web site?

Maybe someone with could even make whole skin sets to share. Gui sounds could be in there too!

I have also thought that a complete GUI Editor would be a great addition to Panda3d. Something like QT Designer for Panda3d.


idea is great. i sorta like the idea of replacing some of the currently standard artwork with something that looks less like programmer-art.
a gui editor would also be a great addition.
the only problem. someone has to do it^… so … are you going to write it?

I could implement it, if there are enough votes pro.
(the website functionality, that is)

I would like to write the editor but I don’t have the time now. I have a new baby due in 4 weeks. I will make some skins for the GUI, if we make the repository. Just one skin would be a great addition to the usability of Panda3d.

I know my first reaction do Direct Gui was that it was preschool level and looked bad to boot! It was not until I saw Thomas’ GUI example that I saw that it could look really good! But having just come from 3 months of QT GUI programming, I still think this one is very primitive but it would not take much to vastly improve it. Having the Direct GUI Editor would make it truly easy.

There are a lot of elements that could be added also, like a DirectFile selector, a tool bar element with pulldown menus, tree view, tabbed pages, spin box, dial, date entry, time entry, tool box, color picker, and others. Better ways to pass states would be nice too. My ideal is QT, I think it is great. I love the slots thing. I know that games don’t need that much GUI power but anything to make option menus easy to make and good looking will bring in people.

We already have a lot of the needed parts. You can move the elements around and we have basic code to make each one. It would just be a matter of having a menu of gui elements, a blank gui frame and then you drag and drop into the frame. Some alignment tools, and an editor on the side for all the little variables that you might have.

QT 4 Designer is a great example and maybe template. With it you can even add to the GUI elements on the side and extend it. We could also have a skin picker and sound selector as part of it.

I think skins are a great start, maybe with some code in there too.

I guess this didn’t happen… and I need a pulldown menu! :slight_smile:

Oh well, guess I’ll whip one up for myself . Is a DirectScrolledlist the way to go to do this?