shapekeys broken w/ R85

after a while today I was trying shapekeys and, bad surprise, I found it a bit screwed - you may quickly see that trying the regression test lethe, and here there is an egg exported with my R81 mod to compare with if you think you need.

Could you just quickly try ? Its not an official release, just a quick one I did to fix a bug that was affecting someone else - but in doing so I dealt with an issue with the shape key system I noticed at the same time. Have no idea if its what you have bumped into - I can’t test it right now and won’t have time till tomorrow, or possibly even Sunday, but worth a shot just in case.

alas the quirk is still there lethe - here what I see again:

Ok - fixed it - you can now get Chicken R91 from sourceforge. Ill thought out optimisation on my part basically - evidently wasn’t thinking at the time, though not sure how I failed to notice the bug - I’m sure I tested it.

great job indeed

I was about to try this myself, thanks.
@ astelix: the screenshots tell me you are making another sample program?

no - that it is from the svn chicken project - I did that as a regression test code. But I taken your suggestion and maybe I’ll do.