ShapeIndexedLineSet from blender to Panda3d?

I’m not good with blender or Panda3D so your help is really needed.

Problem: I have a surface in blender composed from triangles with Shape Indexed Lines and I’m unable to present it in Panda3D.

Selecting all Shape Lines and exporting to egg did create a file but pview show nothing. I also converted Shape Index Lines to Mesh (Alt+C) and then merged them to one Mesh (Ctrl+J) – this didn’t work.

When merging the above mentioned Mesh with a Cube Mesh and then exporting, only Cube data is created to egg-file.

Any ideas? I need to do this, so any workaround is greatly appreciated.

Blender file:

Edit: The original file is in VRML(wrl)-format.
One thing more: When saved in blender to other formats (obj, 3ds) and then importing back only points are presented, no lines between, is this a hint?

Solved :smiley:
3 days worth of work and as usual right when the help post was made!

Thank you , vscorpianc, in youtube.

The trik is to Join -> add Extrude and Depth -> Combine -> export egg

Not that I’m not happy, but is there a way to only show the original wireframe, my extrude is not very elegant with too many lines.