Hey guys, I remember a while back on the top of real time shadowmapping. They got the real-time shadowmapping costing alot less, but still takes some “power” out of the system. I thought of a idea for more open world, but wasn’t sure if it will work well or not…

“Why not have both static lightmaps and real night lighting? For example, not everything in the world will move, so we can setup a static for starters. When something is moved, we isolate the area (using the octtree program) and build a new light map using real time and then readd that back into the static lightmap. (Not including the player’s shadow, we can just attach one to the user model and have it move or get smaller as needed by the way hes facing/where the sun is at that time.) This would give us both preformance and effects.”

I don’t follow you. Regenerated static shadows sound like dynamic shadows? Yeah you should be able to optimize dynamic shadows where you can, but most of the time you cant.