Shadowing with GeoMipTerrain

Hi there,

I’ve been racking my brains over this for a while now, and has proved to be very frustrating.

Basically, I am trying to implement shadows into my scene. They appear to work on imported models, but shadows are not cast onto the terrain, which is produced via the GeoMipTerrain class. I have read through a few forum posts:

[Shadow Mapping Not Working)
[Inconsistant lighting on Geomipterrain)

The second one seems to share the same problem with me, although I cannot understand how they applied the patch to fix this issue, particularly with editing .cxx files. I am new to Panda, so apologies if I sound naive. I’m developing in Python, not C++.

I require a directional light in the scene (acting as the sun), and a static camera with no rotation.

Here is what the scene looks like when shaders are enabled:

and this is the scene with shaders disabled:

Aside from the weird grey colour effect on the terrain, the shading also appears to be on the wrong side of the terrain. No additional scaling functions have been applied to the terrain, so I am wondering why this is happening.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!