Shadowing issues


i try use shadows with shader generator but nothing happening and i have no idea why. I did it exactly how is written in manual.

  • shader generator is on
  • using diffuse and normal mapping
  • binormals and tangents in model are calculated
  • changing of material does not helping (manually or in export from blender)
  • separating model to more objects not helping


I am out of ideas. I just want sharp shadows

PointLights can not cast shadows. Only DirectionalLight and Spotlight can, and of those two it’s better to use Spotlight because it’s slightly easier to setup and less likely to produce certain types of artifacts.

Nope, not working even for Directional or Spotlight

Can you give us a runnable example, perhaps zip up the file with the assets that it uses?

We discuss i on IRC channel but there is whole repository:

Hey lopata! Did you solve thi issue? i’m having the same problem.