This is my first time posting here.
I`m not a programmer, but I really got interest in Panda3D.
So after some tutorials and searching I´d realised my graphic card is not helping me.

I tried to run the ShadowDemo but nothing happens, even the main panda window doesn`t pop up.

The way I`m running is to type ppython in the prompt window, and then takes some time but end up on prompt again.

I belive is because my graphic card.

I had updates the driver, but doesn`t seems to work.
My card is GeForce FX 5200, and in the nvidea web site said that support multipass rendering and all, but still not working.

I appriciate if someone could help on that.

Thanks in advance.

That code I believe is a bit broken. Refer to this thread: … shadowdemo

GeForceFX cards should diffinitely support that demo.

:frowning: The code looks ok.
I felt a bit strange cause this code do not include the code “import direct.directbase.DirectStart” at the beggining…
So I wonder how can show the main panda window without this particular code.
Anyway I put the code on top and try to run again, no success.
And like Id said Im really begginer at programming but from what I understood this code seems to not have any statement for loading model or making in any possible way, so my point is on what this code is going to cast shadow?
Or might this code importing some other stuffs form another codes? is not a standalone demo application in the same way that the demo applications that ship with Panda are. Instead, it’s meant to be used in conjunction with an application or demo program that you write.

The idea is that you write your own application that loads up a model and an environment, and parents them both to render, and then you do something like this:

from direct.showbase import ShadowDemo

Then, of course, you must end your application with run() so that you do not immediately exit to the prompt.