Shadow Casting with Bump Mapping

In P3D 1.7.1, you can’t try for shadows and bump mapping both. The bump mapping breaks when shadows are enabled. (I believe for all drivers; opengl and directx)

Has that been fixed for P3D 8.0?

What about 1.7.2?

Question on the side… Will v. transformations ever get moved from the CPU to the GPU?

With the so called “added overhead”…8.0 freaks me out. I don’t know if I want to hang my hat on it just yet.

Normal or paralax bump mapping? The first one works, the other - well, never had the hardware to make it work (both ati and nvidia showed something wierd). Normal mapping with build-in shadows also works, it breaks only if you add something more that needs a ‘texcord’ in the shader, like fog, projected textures or extra texture stages(gloss/glow etc). Some gpu (most? all?) can only work with 8 of these. You can try to reduce the number of used texcords - put normal and gloss or glow maps into one texture, alpha maps into the ‘modulate’ (color/diffuse) texture. Try to use the default texturestage if you change a texture in code. You could grab the generated shader and see if it could be tinkered.

As far as I’m aware, it has never been broken. I’ve never seen a bug report, anyway. Bump mapping with shadows are supposed to work. If it doesn’t, please file a bug report containing a minimal test-case so that I can reproduce the issue.

Hardware vertex animations are currently already supported. (Assuming that “v.” means “vertex.”)

The “added overhead” in 1.8 is minimal, and can be relatively easily outweighed by the benefits of the multi-threaded pipeline.

I’m guessing that’s 1.8+

No, it’s been supported for a very, very long time.

When running that test (something you put in the config file after setting hardware-animated-vertices to true…forgot what it was) which shows you through colors if Vertice Transformations are indeed being handle by the CPU or GPU, the results were CPU. That’s P3D 1.7.1 anyway.

I tested this with a ATI and Nivida graphics card.