shadow bug with ATI card

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I have an ATI 3800 HD card, and this is what is displayed on my machine when running the shadow example of Panda 1.6.2:

It definitely differs from this: … s:_Shadows

Is there a workaround?

(Vote only if you have an ATI card. nVidia cards are probably immune, and they would skew the results.)

I’ve tried the experimental shadow demo as well, and it’s having a similar pattern as well.

I’ve tried Panda 1.7.0 as well. The Basic shadow works, but all the others have similar problems as in 1.6.2.

I too have the problem shown in the video on windows 7 / ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro (which is like a cra…ddy graphics card)

I should note, my graphics card has had several, several known issues in the past for me, just as a note.


1.7.0, no problem.

Well, either I was wrong before it it works now in 1.7.1 :slight_smile:
No problems here.


I am facing a similar problem with dynamic shadows even in 1.7.1. I have a ATI 9600. Please Help! This works fine on a Nvidia.


While using ATI Radeon HD 7750, I am not getting any shadows casted on the floor for the above mentioned example - the Disco Lights in the samples program.