Mario Shader

Reflection Shader with texture

Crystal Shader


the crystal shader is so sweet

Nicely done, although the “Reflection Shader with texture” is not so smooth - it looks like a toon shader at some points.

Don’t you think your crystal looks more like ahmm glass? Maybe it’s crystal, but then the model is not well choosen, because most crystals, at least the ones I have seen, have sharp edges. While you turn such a crystal, it often looks like one face is a lot more (specular?) highlighted than the other ones. Anyone ever seen a save point in Final Fantasy? I don’t exactly know how they do this. Just two ideas: All normals point inside or there is a light inside the crystal (only for the crystal).

@pro-rsoft: The reflection shader is identical to clcheung’s in demomaster it’s just that I added in the model’s texture which was ignored by the original shader. I think part of the toon effect that you’re seeing is just the nature of the skybox in the specific example, you can switch out the skybox and see if you still have the same problem. You can also modify the blending coefficient in the .py script under the tweek() function to get different results.

@Azraiyl: I think you’re looking for either a fresnel or refraction shader. Again clcheung did a great job porting these nVidia shaders to panda in demomaster. I named this one “crystal” because that’s what it looks like people are calling this type of effect:
I didn’t mess with refraction on my shader because I don’t think it actually helps the effect very much.

Hm the video shows chromatic dispersion. Think the following videos have more appropriate names (but after all it’s only a name). But I was talking about something much more simpler (but I can’t find a video right know). When you was talking about crystals, I was more thinking about diamonds, sapphires and the like (sure, refraction/reflection is theorethically essential, but it is possible to create a nice visual illusions without them).

Awesome code there, mavasher!!! love it! q: is there any license associated with the shaders? I’d love to use them in some of my projects, if that’s alright. (I couldn’t see any license in the download, correct me if I’m wrong :stuck_out_tongue:)

the crystal-shader is soooo cool :slight_smile:
Can I use it in one of my programs?

Sure you can use them for whatever you want. There’s no license.

It will just be cool if someone finds some use for these. If you can, post a screenshot of them in your programs.

:smiley: sure

Yeah so I’m doing some work trying to get some samples going for the browser plug-in. The devs have been doing so much work, I don’t feel like it’s being shown off.

I’m working on fixing that problem. Here’s the first installment.

At the moment the HTML sucks. Sorry, I only have so much time.

nice one mavasher
a couple of hints of improvement:

  • provide screenshots in the menu
  • back off the camera with,-10,0) to have ready the right visual
  • a link with the script source in each demo page

keep up!

Thanks for the tips.

  1. Put the screenshots in.
  2. I didn’t back off the camera because the orbit of the camera is a little off when you’re trying to rotate around the model.
  3. I put up a tarball for each program so anyone can look at/copy the source. There’s no license with any of this stuff- and no warranty. As I wrote before- if you do use any of these shaders please just post a screenshot of how you are using them- that more than pays me back for writing them.