Shader terrain modify uv coordinate

Hello i have question can it’s possible to change uv coordinate of shader terrain ?
i search in panda3d api

i try with uv_to_world but it’s not work (i have not change)

i want update uv coordinate for transform my terrain to sphere planete or Halo like this :

It’s not clear what you are asking. The UV coordinates are used for texturing and changing them would not change the geometry of the terrain. Do you want to change the vertex positions instead? If so, no, with ShaderTerrainMesh this is not possible because of the cull algorithm used. But you can create your own geometry for the terrain and then write your own shader in order to sample the terrain in any way you wish.

ok thanks for your answer
yes i want change geometry of terrain
so I’m going to look at how to create your own geometry

what worries me is how to handle collisions?
could I use a bullet or ode physic engine?