Shader Sample

Well, for the first time, using a shader is very complicated, and know how to do it in the panda is something like confuse for me… where i get some sample, about using shader in panda… the wiki page is some high level meaning. Other question, this game Road-Runner use a celshading, but shader based? or, how it works?

I suggest you find a good book about Cg programming; it is indeed complicated and there is a lot to learn. The Panda manual assumes you already know how to use Cg programming; it just addresses using your existing Cg programs in Panda.

I don’t think the Road Runner game actually used Cel shading; I believe it was implemented with hand-painted flats.


Exactly, the Roadrunner game was done using handpainted cards. And what’s more is that the lines around them are done by giving the flat shapes a bit of depth, which shows up as lines at the right camera angle. Shaders are nice, but in that class there is only two weeks to make a full-fledged project, and often the simple ways are best.