Shader Matrix Inputs

So, I found out about the cool fancy transform matrix automatic options on … ate_Spaces

I want to use a transform matrix in a shader, so in my python I have,


and in my shader:

uniform float4x4 wstrans_cam

I get the error:

AssertionError: Shader input cam is not a nodepath.

I also tried with no difference. is a NodePath (right?), and as far as I can tell, thats what I’m supposed to use. Any suggestions for how to make it work?

Have a broken shader pic:

I think I fixed this bug when I ran into it myself. Can you try it in a latest CVS build?

Also, I think I"m going to add support for passing matrices directly to the shader - the interface right now is a little clunky.

Ok, so its a bug, not my fault. Thanks for that.

I really need to learn to build the source. I found a work around for the issue for now. I’ll try my newer build you gave me sometime in not too long.