Shader Generation and Lights on a Model


Does anyone know if there’s a maxium number of lights an Actor or Model can have on it at one time?

I experienced this issue with a bad model once; I received an error saying that the shader generation was too complicated, and the shaders crashed! The character was accepting light from about four or five sources.

Like I said, that character was bad and had a binormal and tangent problem anyway and has been trashed. So I want to know if there really is a limit of lights an object can have on it (shaders on) or was it really just that bad Actor?

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It entirely depends on the capabilities of the GPU, and the setting of basic-shaders-only.

I guess the Quda Core Tech by Nivida can’t handle it then…at least my card can’t.


I was hoping to just leave the characters on environment lights for inner enviroments… but I guess I’ll have to stick with my current solution.

My first idea was switching light focus on an off the characters, but that didn’t work well because the shaders have to recalculate. I’m suck with the second idea…which works, but not as natural looking.

Lighting up an entire inner environment can easily create numerous lights. Of course, if you didn’t have shaders on this wouldn’t be an issue, but too many things require ‘shines’ in life. Gloss maps are ok I guess.

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You would need to add some extra tweaking to the effect; like transparency and UV manipulations.

If the video plays too fast, down load it: