Several questions

Hi !

I think Panda3d looks really promising and i’m interested in using it on a project.

I have a couple of questions conserning the engine?

  • Is it possible to use cellshading in real-time applications? I read somewhere it is possible to use some kind of rendering plugins with panda3d? Would it be possible to write a cellshading plugin?

  • I read on the helix-community site that there is a work in progress to integrate the helix dna in panda3d to allow video & audio playback in helix. How is this thing coming along? When is there a possibility to see helix dna integrated to panda? Would this capability be available through scripting? Would it be possible to import a video to a running panda-program through python?

  • Is there any documentation on the client-side networking of panda? If you want to use networking, is it necessary to use your own protocol? Would it be possible to use the built-in networking capabilities and just write a corresponding server software?